I'm a brand journalist.

That means I write high-quality, digestible content for businesses that their potential customers, investors, and partners will actually enjoy reading. 

My work as a freelance B2B content marketing writer has generated valuable inbound leads for clients, improved their Google search rankings, and established outstanding voices in crowded markets.

With a background in both public relations and journalism, I'm able to effectively research, write, and distribute dynamic content--and bring a competitive edge to my clients. 

My philosophy is simple! 

When was the last time you considered a white paper a great read?

Business content doesn't have to be boring or overtly salesy, yet plenty of brands are still going that route. And since most content marketing efforts target the early stages of conversion (read: your next big account), they lose their one chance to make a memorable first impression.

As attention spans shorten and more competitors pour resources into really good business content, I help businesses produce creative and relatable stories--from people-centered case studies to thought-provoking opinion pieces.

My approach is holistic...

I partner with organizations as a whole to align content efforts with multi-department business goals from start to finish.

Are you on a hiring spree? I'll interview your HR leads to produce a guest article that champions your work culture--and get it placed in the channels your soon-to-be employees are reading.


Is your sales department expanding into a new industry? I'll speak with your account managers and customers to write powerful case studies that will convert. 

My approach will:

  • Identify where your business is hiding news- and blog-worthy ideas that will appeal to various readers, as well as how to repurpose existing content

  • Create a content strategy that directly ties to different business goals and initiatives

  • Bring PR expertise to properly message your unique value propositions and cater to the right audiences--in the right places

  • Optimize for SEO without excessive keyword use or empty, fluffy clickbait that disappoints

  • Grow your presence online and generate content that clients can maximize across owned, earned, and paid channels